Like many of you out there, I have spent most of my adult life looking for the Love of my Life, my “Prince Charming”.

It has been a very bumpy, yet colorful ride into my 30′s. With the current height of Feminism in our Society, I am finding it harder and harder to enjoy and maintain any relationship that allows me a traditional role as a woman. In search for my Happiness, I have set many goals, and as I conquered some I failed at others.

I married for the first time in my early 20′s, and felt mature enough and ready for the role of a wife. I truly enjoyed my marriage. I was a step-mom to 3 beautiful girls, as well as becoming a mother myself, at a fairly early age. I had wished for and had 2 beautiful boys. My husband and I lived, as some would say, lavishly. Being comfortable gave me the opportunity and so much pleasure to spend every moment of the day with my boys….

While pregnant for the first time, I got my Teaching Credentials, and taught Art at my elder son’s preschool, which gave me the opportunity to spend the whole day with him and watch him grow. I didn’t want to miss a moment. Our marriage unfortunately ended in a divorce after 5 years, over an affair.

It was a tough transition and as I tried to stay strong through my divorce my family was hit with a horrible tragedy. I lost my best friend, my baby sister, to a car accident. She was truly the only light in my life during that period of time and a part of me has gone with her. Her passing has changed my entire family for years to come. The two events happening at the same time had really turned my world upside down. In the midst of all this and more, I have started my new Career as a Real Estate agent in Beverly Hills and met my second husband. He became my support, my love and my escape from all that I found impossible to face at the time. Our relationship worked in so many aspects, but due to both of us going through our divorces and the instability that it brought to our lives, making it work was like a pushing though a brick wall at times. Our turbulent relationship, which included a couple of break-ups & reconciliations, along with a marriage, finally ended in a divorced after 7 years of living together. Divorce wasn’t any easier the second time around.

Over the years of both marriages and ups & downs of dating in LA, I have dealt with more ex’s and kids from previous relationships than any normal person should ever come across in a lifetime. And after all that, I still wake up every morning, do my make up and hair, put on my high heels and get out there with “my foolish” optimism in the search for my idea of Happiness and Bliss. I feel that if you really want something and work hard to find it, you just might. I really look forward to this new chapter of my life and contributing to you (our readers) honestly and to my best ability in the hope of enriching your lives as best I can!

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